About Coastal Conversations

Leaders in coastal Alabama have come together to create Coastal Conversations as a platform for increased civic awareness and engagement across our region.

Our goal is simple: to make our region the best place to live, work and play.

With a start-up grant from the J.L. Bedsole Foundation and facilitated by Coastal Alabama Partnership, our mission is to address challenges in our community and to create positive change.

A Platform for Discussion

Working together with members of our community, we will host world-class experts on critical issues like diversity and inclusion, social justice, health, education, work force development, housing, the environment, infrastructure, tourism, entrepreneurship and small business.

Coastal Conversations will also develop an interactive dashboard of community metrics that includes over twenty metrics including population trends, household income, infant mortality and more. The dashboard will launch in late February and will be updated quarterly. 

Additionally, Coastal Conversations will produce a two-county quality of life survey that will measure residents feelings about life in coastal Alabama, covering topics including healthcare, education, leadership, jobs and the environment. Coastal Conversations will release the report in Spring 2021.  

% of brain development that occurs before age three 79%
% of students on free and reduced lunch 67%
% growth of Summerdale since 2010 95%


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