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Population Trends: Mobile and Baldwin Counties

How has the population changed between 2010 and 2019? We've seen steady growth in Baldwin County while Mobile County remains flat.

Median Household Income Growth Trends

Change in median household income over a number of years is one of the indicators of economic prosperity in a geographic area.

Infant Mortality Rates From 2010-2019

Change in infant mortality rates, based on the number of deaths for every 1,000 births, over time is an indicator of a community's overall health.

3rd Grade Reading Proficiency

Early reading proficiency is a critical predictor of a child's future academic success. 3rd grade proficiency in particular is a key metric.

Troubled Waters in Mobile and Baldwin Counties

Each state must identify all fresh and salt water bodies that fail to meet certain water quality standards. Here is the report for fiscal year 2020.

School Lunch Participation Rates

The percentages for Baldwin and Mobile County students enrolled in the federally assisted meal program for public and non-profit schools.

Adult Obesity Rates in Baldwin, Mobile Counties

Obesity rates for adults in Baldwin and Mobile counties and how they comare to state and national averages, as well as trends over the past decade.

Middle Class Incomes in Mobile, Baldwin Counties

While there is no official definition of 'middle-class', Pew Research considers it a household between 67-200% of median household income.

Child Mortality Trends in Mobile, Baldwin Counties

The child mortality rate is measured by the numbers of deaths under the age of 18 per 100,000 people, both in decline locally since 2013.

Elementary, Middle School Academic Proficiency

Illustrations of academic proficiency trends for Mobile and Baldwin county students across the 2015 and 2019 school years.

Annual Average Wages

This metric shows employee wage growth in Mobile and Baldwin counties between 2010-2019, and how it measured against state and national trends over that time.

Annual Net Change in Number of Employees

Over the decade of 2010-2019, both counties experienced increases in the average number of employees — (jobs added minus jobs lost).

Labor Force Participation

Measured by the number of working age adults who are either employed or looking for work, this data reflects the fact that Coastal Alabama's rates mirror state and national data.

Homeownership Rates

This data reveals that homeownership rates in both Mobile and Baldwin counties have remained on a par with Alabama (state) and national rates between 2010-19.

High School Graduation Rates

Although high school graduation rates have been on the rise in Mobile and Baldwin counties since 2015, both still lag behind the state during this time.

Crime Rates

The types of crimes committed in 2019 in Mobile and Baldwin counties largely reflect state and national statistics, with Mobile County experiencing higher rates per capita.

Air Quaity

Since 2005, the overall air quality of the Coastal Alabama region has being steadily improving, with measurements of all the primary air pollutants trending in the right direction.