Meet Chuck Marohn

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As communities seek to reinvent themselves in the post-COVID era, what should their growth strategy be? Court investors…or enable entrepreneurs? Chuck Marohn, founder of Strong Towns, says not all economic development is equal.

Investors must bring $500,000 in net worth to the table to buy into, say, a national doughnut franchise. By contrast, entrepreneurs who open a family-owned doughnut shop may be able to bring a more modest savings, a hefty dose of optimism…and the promise of keeping capital in the local market.

During his presentation, Chuck will explain why promoting entrepreneurship has a much different impact on the overall wealth of a community than pursuing a national, mercantilist capitalism. It not only allows ordinary citizens to pursue their dreams; it works organically to create places where people want to be. He will explore the benefits of encouraging this brand of entrepreneurship and offer some guidelines that will help you set your community up to prosper over time.

Charles Marohn, also known as Chuck, is the founder and president of Strong Towns. Marohn graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning.

Marohn decided to make a change when he began to notice the flaws and harm being done with projects he worked on. Seeing the way, the state and federal government handled situations in the suburbs, it made him think about ways he could improve it.

This provoked him to start up the website Strong Towns as a way to educate and help others understand how we can make suburban areas stronger and better economically.

He is also the author of Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity. As well as the lead author of Thoughts on Building Strong Towns Volume I, II and III. He also is the author of A World Class Transportation System: Transportation Finance for a New Economy.

To learn more about Chuck and Strong Towns, check out their podcast.

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