Watch Full Program & Recap Videos from Medicaid Presentation by Ryan Hankins

Can Alabama afford to expand Medicaid?

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, Ryan Hankins, Executive Director PARCA, joined us for a deep dive into the state of health care in Alabama on Tuesday, November 15th. Alabama’s health care industry is quickly evolving while facing all sorts of new challenges and opportunities. In this presentation, Mr. Hankins explained the Medicaid system, provided an overview of those enrolled (and not eligible) for Medicaid in Alabama and outlined how Alabama can “expand” Medicaid to cover the gap of nearly 300,000 Alabamians.

PARCA is the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama and is known for it’s unbiased research into key issues in our state. The report by PARCA (The Economic Impact of Expanding Medicaid in Alabama) showed that not only will expanding Medicaid in Alabama not cost the state more, it in fact will save Alabama nearly $250,000,000 over six years.

We encourage you to watch the full program and at the bare minimum, watch these three highlight videos that answer three key questions:

  1. Who is enrolled in Medicaid in Alabama?
  2. What is the Medicaid GAP in Alabama?
  3. How much will expanding Medicaid in Alabama cost?

To watch the full program, click below. A full table of contents is available on the video on YouTube.