Sea Rise & The Impact to our Coastal Economy

DATE & TIME: November 15, 2023 2-4PM
IN PERSON: GulfQuest Maritime Museum
FEATURED SPEAKER: Dr. Reid Cummings, Justin McDonald & Casi Calloway

Join us for an engaging and informative discussion on the pressing issue of sea rise and its profound effects on the coastal economy of Alabama. Coastal Conversations is proud to present this event, bringing together experts, stakeholders, and concerned citizens to explore the challenges and opportunities that rising sea levels pose to our beloved coastal communities.

At the “Sea Rise and the Impact to Our Coastal Economy” event, we will start with keynote addresses delivered by esteemed experts in environmental science, climate change, and coastal economics. These keynotes will provide comprehensive insights into the scientific aspects of sea level rise and its multifaceted implications for the economies along our coastal regions.

Featured Guests:

  • Reid Cummings, Associate Professor of Finance and Real Estate and Executive Director, SABRE (South Alabama Center for Business Analytics, Real Estate and Economic Development
  • Justin McDonald, Chief – Civil Works Programs & Project Management Branch, US Army Corp of Engineers, Mobile District
  • Casi Calloway, Chief Resiliency Officer with the City of Mobile.

Following the keynote sessions, engaging panel discussions will take place. These conversations will bring together experts, community leaders, and stakeholders to delve deep into the wide-ranging impacts of sea rise. Participants will explore topics such as the vulnerabilities of coastal infrastructure, the effects on tourism and recreational activities, challenges faced by the fishing industry, and shifts in real estate markets.

The event is designed for a diverse audience, including residents of Coastal Alabama, business owners, environmentalists, scientists, researchers, policymakers, community leaders, students, educators, and anyone who holds a vested interest in safeguarding the future of our coastal economy.

Join us in this critical conversation about the future of our coastal economy in the face of sea rise. Together, we can explore solutions, build resilience, and ensure that the Coastal Alabama region continues to thrive for generations to come. Your participation will be instrumental in shaping the path forward for our community. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference.